I’m feeling very old

I suppose the fist thing I would like to write here is that I feel very old now. I turned 27 last week, on the 22nd. That’s 3 years to the big Three ‘O’ (‘O’ shit. I’m 30). That’s me, on the left looking a right prat. That was taken last year in Estonia, after a great time exploring Finland, Sweden (yet again) and Tallin, Estonia. This was taken high up at the back of the Old Town (Gamla Stan), on a wall overlookintg the entire city. I think for a little place, you could get pretty much anything up there, including Russian Passports – cheap as chips. Illegally peddelled too!Anyway, back to my age. I think I’m going to start going backwards agian – like Granny. No, I’m not saying Granny is senile (much) but I mean that I’ll start counting my age backwards. So, my next birthday will be my 26th. Can’t wait….! I guess the desire to be younger is, as the title of this blog suggests, is useless. Pfah.

Right now, I’m sitting in my spare room looking out onto a brick jungle of new housing. Horrible. No green fields, no trees nothing. At least my cats keep me company, and Michael will be home later. Leicester is a hole sometimes, but sometimes it’s ok. Dwali has just started, so the town is buzzing, and the lights are lovely.Still, I miss Wales – my homeland. And I miss my family…. That’s not a useless desire…

Anyway, enough of my rant. I think I’ll leave it at this now. I think my next post will either be on Patty Griffin or Kathryn Williams.So, ta ta for now…. x

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