The Easter Report

Well, that was Easter. All over for another year, but thankfully this year I did more than gorge my chubby face on sickly chocolate. This year, I spent Easter Sunday with Michael and his family in Kegworth, eating gorgeous home-made pie and delicious home-made cheesecake. Almost heaven… Michaels Dad, Geoff tried to get me tipsy on G&T (STRONG!) and we played what seemed like 6 hours worth of Trivial Pursuit. I hate trivial pursuit. We also played pictionary, which I USED to like, until all hell broke loose and I was accused of cheating. It was Kirstyn.I haven’t got much planned for the week ahead, except three shifts at work. Hopefully more will come along, as we really need the money right now. In a few weeks, our friend beth is coming to stay again, which will be great.

My grandmother and her recent diagnosis seem to be going ok, all things considered. She’s sounding upbeat and more accepting of her future now. Next week, she will hopefully start palliative radiotherapy, which could signal the end of her coughing up blood, one of the most unpleasant symptoms she has so far. I hope to go and visit her again soon, probably in a week or two.neil and kathryn remain continually great; Kath really kindly sent me a promo-only copy of her previous relations album, and a copy of her latest venture, Words from the Garden. I’ve had a sneak-peak of the forthcoming video of ‘when’, the next single due for release off ‘Leave to Remain’ on Caw Records. Take a look at the latest here. Anyway, the video is brilliant – fans of kw; you’re in for a treat! Here’s a sneaky screen-shot from the shoot:

There really isn’t much more to report for now. I’ve spent the day doing laundry and housework, so now I think I’ll make a cuppa and put my feet up!If you would like to email, that would be great, but posting a comment below would be even better!

Ry Xx

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