Behind the Eyes

Behind the eyes and the brave expression,
The painted smiles and the happy disguise,
Behind the cheerful facade and the ‘I’m fine’ attitude,
A caged bird soars deep within. The small bird soars, but easily looses height,
Knocked by the storms that enjoy crushing him,
Sending him on a down-ward plummet ‘back down to earth’,
To the expected return of pain and emotional hurt.

Behind the eyes, it seems we are all the same,
Like the caged bird, with broken promises, broken dreams,
Our feathers ruffled, but our faces still smiling,
The ‘I’m great’ attitude remains. Behind the eyes, those windows of the soul,
You scratch the surface, but dare not to dig too deep,
For fear of the unexpected, to find the real person,
The one who longs to be free.

I long to open the door of the cage,
To release the bird, to set him free,
For all the world to see the real person in the prison,
With all the pain and concern you pretend doesn’t exist. Someone does see ‘behind the eyes’, looks at you for who you are,
Someone holds the of keys to unlock everyone’s potential,
Golden keys, alive with warmth and radiant colour,
Keys to unlock you, and the gates of heaven.

© 1998 – 2009 Ryan Price

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