Personal Appeal: Please Read: New Loving Homes Required for Two Wonderful Cats (UPDATED)

UPDATE: 25/3/11 – This week on Tuesday & Wednesday, Freddie & Flo (respectively) were taken to their new homes & introduced to their new families. Freddie was introduced to his new family in Nottinghamshire and will be the new best friend to a great young boy called Joe, who has cystic fibrosis. Joe has had a tough few months and I hope Freddie brings a little much-deserved happiness and sunshine to him and the rest of his family. Flo was introduced to her lovely new family in Cardiff on Wednesday; she will be filling some big shoes, as the couple who adopted Flo lost their 19 year old cat only last week. Flo’s new ‘Dad’ works from home, so she’ll be getting the attention & affection she loves, and often craves. Thanks to Jo & Sean (in Cardiff) and Lorraine, Joe & family (in Nottinghamshire) for adopting my former-companions. I know they have great families now, and both cats will be very happy. I’m told both Freddie & Flo are settling in well. Thanks again – it means the world to me knowing that a happy outcome has been achieved after what has proved a difficult time. In the meantime, my oldest cat (Molly) seems to be adjusting well without Freddie & Flo harassing her for playtimes!


A sad day has finally come. I have very little option but to find new homes for two of my cats – Freddie & Flo. Some of my readers will know that after living in England for 11 years, I moved back in my with parents in Wales just before Christmas, bringing my cats with me. The move was unplanned, due to unfortunate personal & family reasons. After 3 months of constant perseverance, it’s now clear that two of my cats are unhappy in their new temporary home. More seriously, this is compounded by members of my family having a long-term respiratory condition and they have been finding that the cats are making this breathing condition worse. So now, I’m facing up to the stark reality that my two cats would be much happier in new, loving homes. It almost breaks my heart, but I must try and do what’s best for the cats and the health of my family. Here’s a little information on the two much-loved cats in need of a new home… •••


Flo was born on a farm in Peterborough in August 2006. She is 5 years old. She is a pretty silver/grey domestic shorthair with green eyes. She’s quite small and slender, but perfectly healthy and vaccinated. She was sterilised as a young adult, so cannot have kittens. She has a loving personality but can sometimes be a bit fearful. On a one-to-one basis, she is very affectionate, loving and loyal but sometimes struggles with other animals. She is very clean and house trained, and uses a litter tray/dirt box. She used to go outside a lot, but since moving to Wales, she has lost confidence. Ideally, Flo would be more suited to being placed in a home with no existing pets, although with the right owner, she can be adaptable. She just needs love, and gives plenty of affection in return. Both cats live near Ebbw Vale, South Wales. They would be more suited to being homed separately. Contact details at the end…



Freddie was adopted in Leicester as a young male cat when he was about a year old. He is currently about 2 years old; he’s a handsome white/brown domestic shorthair. I don’t know when he was born, but since adoption, his vaccinations are up-to-date and he has been sterilised, so he doesn’t ‘spray’ or mark territory and cannot create pregnancies in female cats. Freddie is an incredibly affectionate, amazingly gentle little boy. He can be quite timid but loves people. He has cloudy eyes from an eye-infection before I adopted him, but his vision seems okay. Freddie needs a loving home, but he might struggle with boisterous children. He is house-trained, very quiet and clean. He’s easy to fall in love with. Both cats live near Ebbw Vale, South Wales. They would be more suited to being homed separately. Contact details at the end…


It’s been a terribly tough decision to make but I feel like the more I delay the inevitable, the worse things will be on many levels. If you can help a friend out, please do. I would prefer my cats went to friends or family so I could ‘stay in touch’ with them, rather than handing them over to the custody of the RSPCA, which I might be forced to do if new homes can’t be found, soon. If you can help, please email me on, send me a message on Facebook or send a tweet on twitter to @uselessdesires. If you have my number, please call or text. Thank you, Ryan

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