The Lovers, by Abu Nuwas (Persia) Circa 800 A.D.

Blessed indeed are these two loving friends; 

They sleep through the night, 
in an embrace without end.
They have loved each other since birth, so they say; 
With strong, equal loves, 
alike all the way.

When Love came to them, they told him what to do: 
“Do the right thing, 
Love and split Love in two!”
So Love split himself, 
in two equal parts; Hard work! 
But no thwarting those strongly-knit hearts.

Their two souls became one soul, and then; 
That one soul lived in the two loving men.
These two don’t quarrel; 
they avoid any strife; 
They guard their love as more precious than life.

by Abu Nuwas, Persia, Circa 800 A.D.
*  *  *

For us, and for Dr. Franky Dolan & Randy Ordonio

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