Blog Relaunched!

I’m so pleased to announce, that after some minor technical & design issues, the over-hauled, redesigned, super-duper blog & website is now live at – it’s still being tweaked and developed but it’s all ready for public viewing! It’s been 12 years since I first started blogging – this is one of the biggest steps forward to date…

Here are just some of the things developed so far:
• Moved from Posterous to Tumblr
• Brand transferred for continuity
• Complete & dynamic site redesign
• Disqus® integration for comments
• Full Twitter & Facebook integration
• Full RSS support
• Links obtainable through post icon
• Simple, but full blog search
• New contact page with…
• New social media widgets
• Touch/mobile optimisation
• iOS Reader Support
• Mini bio

And here are some of the things being implemented in the coming weeks:
• New pages to be added soon
• Full bio coming soon
• Launch of Affiliates Programme
• Premium large banner advertising
• Interactive gallery
• Interactive chat
• DropBox Support
• and more (please suggest!)

I would be delighted to hear your feedback. I’d love to know what you think of the new design so far, and also would like to know what content you’d like to see more of.

Just visit with your suggestions…

Thanks and see you soon!


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