Ryan Vandeput-Price, BA (Hons), B.Sc (Hons)
Founder and Principal Designer  |  ryan@vandeput.co

Ryan is the founder of The Vandeput Design Co. He has a varied skillset, and has been involved in freelance design for almost 20 years, primarily alongside his career as a clinician for NHS England. He left the healthcare sector for a radical career change 4 years ago and independently founded The Vandeput Design Co. As well as his medical and design qualifications, he also achieved a BA Honours degree in English Language & Literature. Among other things, he enjoys the arts, literature, photography, music, travel, creative writing, and is currently working on his first illustrated children’s book. His design skills aren’t only digitally based: he creates art with his hands too, including jewellery, fine textiles and pieces inspired by the arts and craft movement. He now lives in rural Wales, United Kingdom. Join him on Twitter & Facebook.

Hey, and thanks for visiting my blog! Although this isn’t exclusively a design blog (it’s more about the random nonsense that falls out of my head at 3am), I wanted to tell you a little bit about The Vandeput Design Co.…



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